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Resort Owners Group (ROG)

Why a Resort Owners Group resort home will be the most affordable, flexible and hassle free home you can buy?

Hello, my name is Gary Carter, Founder and CEO of Resort Owners Group. 

I am here today to introduce to you the most unique, dynamic and exciting opportunity in the entire Resort Home Industry.

The opportunity… is to own a luxurious - fully managed - rentable - resort vacation home…. AFFORDABLY…and in a way that you never dreamed possible!!!

As an active baby boomer I spent the past three decades investing in, selling, renting and most importantly, enjoying the resort lifestyle with family, friends and business associates….During that time, I began creating a better way to own and enjoy all aspects of RESORT HOME OWNERSHIP….

The ROG Resort Home Ownership Model…..has been carefully developed for individuals and corporations that want to own a managed, affordable, exchangeable and rentable resort home…without all the headaches of ownership…yet, with 100% of the upside of real estate.


Without question, the resort home industry is one of the most exciting growth industries in the world today. The industry has grown to $80 Billion per year and is forecasted to continue to grow with the maturing of the 40 to 60 year old baby boomer.

81 Billion
arrow to
95 Billion

The industry is continually changing with the growth in travel and the boomers insatiable desire for lifestyle……there is whole ownership, fractional ownership, vacation clubs, time share and importantly, the rental of luxurious furnished resort vacation homes.

The ROG Model is the next evolution in the dynamic Resort Home Industry!


The ownership model is best described as a unique combination of both whole ownership and fractional ownership….with 100% real estate ownership of the resort home by the owner or owners.


We do not offer timeshare ownership…..but we do offer the rental of all of our resort vacation homes.


What is different about the model is not just the products and services we offer…….but also the way in which they are delivered to the owners to create more value and enjoyment.


So What are our Products?

Our products are luxurious, professionally managed, fully furnished and rentable, resort vacation homes at many of North America’s premiere golf, sun, ski, and waterfront destinations.


The services we provide under the ROG Model are several….collectively we offer a unique and better way to Use, Buy, Own, and Sell a recreational real estate asset.

Owning a resort home under the ROG model will give ROG owners:

The Most flexible
usage and exchange
options in the
More affordable
ownership choices
to choose from
management, rental
and reporting of each
resort home
management, rental
and reporting of each
resort home


Let's Talk about Usage

For many people, the decision to own recreational real estate is first driven by their desire for personal Usage and Lifestyle.

vacancyunusedtimeWhat I discovered over the years, was that traditional resort home buyers, experienced a very high level of Vacancy…often with more than 50% of the calendar year as unused or dead time …

the ROG model is built around maximizing that dead time…in a way that brings tremendous value to you.

Think about it, if you are busy working… you will only have so much time off…if you’re a snowbird…you’re only down south so much of the time…if you are relying on a local rental management company, it sits empty a lot of the time.

Another thing about traditional whole ownership; it lacks variety to exchange the resort home elsewhere, ties up finances with a single lifestyle experience, when in fact, there is a whole world of wonderful recreational real estate to explore.

The ROG Model solves the problems of both Vacancy and Variety.

1ROG has developed a better solution; Coming from a real estate background, I believed the prize of real estate ownership for the owner, was an important part of the ROG solution…a solution where you can still own 100% of the equity and title of your property and by giving us only 20% of the usage time annually…

(which is often dead time)… You’ll receive the most comprehensive usage, exchange and management benefits available in the industry today…and…more liquidity choices when you want to resell your resort home asset at a later date.

The benefit of owning 100% real estate ownership upside…and 80% of the usage time…is the most dynamic aspect of our ownership model…plus…it creates all of the many owner benefits that make our model so valuable.


Surprisingly……it solves all of the issues that traditional and fractional resort home ownership has….while giving ROG inventory that can be used for marketing the rentals of our owner’s weeks, incentives and for facilitating owner swaps and exchanges.

The ability to have access to many great destinations has become a very important issue for recreational users….Four Seasons, Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz Carleton are all in timeshare now for that reason.

ROG recognized that need and built it into the ROG Model….and has identified several fantastic resort home offerings with top quality developers at premier resort destinations all across North America…the Caribbean and Mexico…all of which become available to use as an ROG Owner.

usage map

ROG and ROG developer partners access the Model benefits and offer it to their clients.

Usage Calendar

Regardless of the source, the resort product type, the location or the ownership interest purchased, every ROG resort home is managed through one unique usage calendar….the ROG usage calendar….which works to everyone’s advantage.

The normal calendar year has 52 weeks….each owner(s) provides ROG with 10 weeks annually of inventory to use or rent the resort home (in effect, this is for providing all of the benefits under the ROG Model)….we call those weeks RETAINED WEEKS…


The least desirable two weeks at each location are decided upon by ROG and set aside for repairs and maintenance annually….



the balance of the calendar’s 40 weeks are for the benefit of the owners to use, rent or exchange ….we call those weeks OWNER WEEKS.


The calendar rotates annually for both OWNERS WEEKS and ROG’S RETAINED WEEKS making the calendar both fair and equitable for all users. As you will see, this becomes the backbone for ALL the benefits under the Model.

ROG whole owners receive 40 weeks to use, rent or exchange their resort home

Half owners get 20 weeks***1/4 owners get 10 weeks***1/8th owners get 5 weeks each…..You get 100% of the equity and 80% of the usage

Owners can BOOK their weeks how they want or leave them available for rental income with the rental management option that ROG arranges…

Remembering that a high percentage of weeks sit idle, you will see that ROG owners will receive greater value & benefits from their 40 weeks than they would have received from 52 weeks without ROG.

Flexible Usage Option

Traditional usage calendars ROLL weeks out across the entire calendar year….


ROG’s calendar does that as well….but because of ROG’S RETAINED WEEKS in each resort home, we are able to offer other unique usage and exchange options to all Owners…here are a few.

Probably the best option is STACKING OF WEEKS


As an owner you can STACK your weeks….meaning you can book them concurrently using multiple homes during the same week at the same location….ideal for a group family vacation, sales  incentive prizes or business planning sessions.



You can RACK your weeks in a row for that multi-week vacation you deserve…this works particularly well for smaller fractional interest buyers.

Both options are made possible by the use of ROG’s Retained Weeks


Exchange Options

Internal exchanging….in addition to the stack, rack and roll features, you can also EXCHANGE your weeks for weeks at any of the other ROG properties….

exchange map

ROG Retained Weeks can even guarantee usage at the other locations which works for everyone.

External exchanging…..Separate and in addition to the ROG’s internal exchange features, ROG arranges at each location chosen, a membership with a leading exchange company (R2R, RCI, etc.) to further expand the owner’s exchange options…

exchange map

offering exceptional resort home destinations around the world that our owners can exchange their home to.


Buying and Ownership

Two of the biggest challenges when buying a resort property…. are Affordability and the Time to Manage the process….

ROG solves both of these issues very well.

Prices in many resort home markets have increased over 100% over the past 10 years and continue to rise annually with the baby boomers entering their prime years for resort home ownership….


What used to cost $300,000 now can cost $500,000 to $600,000 or more….as a result, as prices continue to go up, affordability goes down.

photophotoROG’S model recognizes that some buyers can still afford a whole resort home purchase and want it managed for them…which is why we offer whole ownership with conventional financing.

But fractional ownership is a growing market that makes resort home purchases more affordable….makes sense.

In fact, most “Fractional” purchases are heavily marked up over the whole ownership price….meaning the fractional developer inflates the price significantly over the core real estate value. ….If you buy a 1/4 interest at $250,000 the underlying real estate asset isn’t worth $1Million. In many cases it is less than half that number.

Under the ROG model we receive Retained Weeks as payment with far less mark-up on the fractional ownership purchase….meaning we can offer the benefits of fractional ownership at a price that more closely resembles whole ownership.

With the option to buy whole ownership or fractional ownership, ROG buyers can decide how much usage appeals to them and how much of an investment they want to make…and buy only that portion…whether its an 1/8th, 1/4, 1/2 or whole.


what ever makes sense FOR YOU...knowing you can scale up or scale down your ownership easily in the future.

Probably the best option of owning an ROG fully managed resort home is what we call ASSEMBLED OWNERSHIP…..ASSEMBLED OWNERSHIP allows ROG clients to make a whole ownership purchase, with multiple purchasers (fractional) and yet have the ability to choose and assemble their own whole resort home with their own friends…family…or business associates.

photoFor example, choosing a combination of four quarter buyers….works great for the Saturday Golf Foursome….



or what about a half buyer with two friends taking a quarter each…the options are many.

For even more affordability, ROG even arranges CONVENTIONAL financing on the ASSEMBLED purchase which further ads to the affordability….Example: with FOUR buyers taking a quarter each….the cash equity investment can be as low as $20,000 each…with the balance of the purchase as a 1st mortgage.

ASSEMBLED OWNERSHIP works even better when combined with the usage benefit of STACKING their weeks…..Here is how that works: Several buyers can each have their own home during the same weeks using ROG’s Retained Weeks…meaning they paid the fractional price, received the benefit of whole ownership financing and whole ownership usage when they want to use their resort home….wow! Now you have everyone in the comfort of their own resort home during the same week to golf, shop, dine, and entertain together.

The process of purchasing a resort property,

financing it photo and furnishing it photo

is a challenging and time consuming exercise….and it increases the farther a field you go to find your resort home…especially,

out of city photo or out of country… photo

photoEither way, ROG professionally manages the entire purchase process along the way, including creating and adding a custom furniture package on every resort home that will work well for the rental market.
Researching the locations and product types is an ROG strength….and, we can help advise on where the future growth locations are that might be best for you…..we’re experts in recreational real estate. Not being the developer or builder, we can research the market and put together the best ownership options for our clients.

Clearly fractional ownership makes ownership more affordable….BUT THE ROG MODEL MAKES OWNERSHIP MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE AND MORE MANAGEABLE.

So as we leave the Buying section I want you to remember these 3 points:

    1. If you are looking to buy a fractional interest, you won’t find a comparable fractional interest for less….
    2. With our managed ownership solution you will get the maximum from your ownership with the least hassle
    3. When you buy a whole ROG home or assembled ROG home you will get the most usage out of your ownership and precious little of your time dealing with the pain of ownership.



Owning, Renting, Managing & Reporting

The Hassle of Resort Home Ownership is taken over by ROG…including renting the unit, maintaining the unit, paying the bills monthly and tracking your investment.

Renting…ROG offers a unique National marketing platform advantage for renting Owner Weeks and ROG’S Retained Weeks with National marketing relationships across several locations….this is in addition to the marketing offered by the local developer and the local rental manager…that means you have twice the effort being put into renting your location…another ROG advantage.

Property management, bill paying & reporting photo

ROG manages the local property manager…we pay the monthly bills, then report to you on how your property is performing.

In addition, what rental cheques have come in and gone to you and any real estate news you should hear about…in essence, ROG becomes your asset manager.

Once again…our interests are aligned with yours. We want the place rented, maintained, and well managed so everybody wins.


Liquidity and Selling Your Resort Home

Often the biggest problem with selling a resort property is Liquidity.

What is liquidity? Liquidity means how fast and how easily you can translate a paper asset (such as a deed on a property) into cash.


The ROG Model gives you enhanced liquidity in several ways, several of which are unique to the ROG Model.

Conversion Option – What about when you aren’t using your property enough and need some cash liquidity….ROG can assist you in trading down from whole ownership to a 1/2 interest


….or a 1/2 interest to 1/4…or 1/4 to 1/8. How great is that?

Think about that for a minute….You paid $300,000 for your whole resort home….the price is now $500,000….wouldn’t you be thrilled to sell a 1/2 interest for $250,000 and free up your cash….while still owning half ownership plus all of the great benefits on 20 weeks….

It is a reverse assembled resort home in effect.

Alternatively….what about when you started with a fractional interest purchase and now want to trade up to half or whole ownership or assembled ownership…we can accommodate you.

photophoto photo 

Either way, enhanced flexibility is achieved with ROG. If you own the whole asset you can also sell with a conventional realtor that ROG will arrange….or with ROG’S assistance we will help sell your interest to another party at the then market value.

The power of the ROG model ensures that liquidity works to your maximum benefit!



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