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The top ten reasons why you are not selling your clients Resort Homes!
How it is costing you $ THOUSANDS and how the innovative ROG approach can makes these disappear.

1 . You are not located in a resort home market.

No problem! Most realtors are not. In the past this has been a big and practical deterrent. You may know your clients are planning or would or should consider purchasing a resort home. But you only generally know where they are interested. Florida, Hawaii, Colorado, Ontario Cottage country…this is a huge area. You probably don’t know realtors you could refer them to up there and the truth is they might need several…as each market within these markets is quite distinct.

This is where the ROG approach really helps. ROG owns and is acquiring resort homes in these areas. It has researched the markets thoroughly often using top local realtors to identify and acquire what we believe represent the best value in resort homes. Resort Homes that are built by a quality reputable builder, have outstanding amenities and are poised for above average capital appreciation on the medium term (3-10 years). The ROG approach is educational not hard sell. Going through our site will help educate your clients on the benefits of owning a resort home the ROG way. At the very least every one of your clients will have a much greater understanding of the resort home marketplace. We believe many will choose to own the ROG way but it will also help qualify those buyers who really are ready to go it alone and acquire, finance, operate and manage their very own home. For those buyers you will now be in a position to specifically refer them to realtors in the local resort area of choice.

The key is our recognition of the important role you can play in referring us your valued clients and prospects. You will get the equivalent of a full selling commission if your client ultimately purchases with our program. Yet your responsibility is simply to introduce them to ROG and between our site and our professional sales consultants we will take care of the rest. You can track your client’s prospects through our Affiliate Sales center and contact the individual consultant as required to assist or inquire on progress. 

2 . How do you make sure you get credit for the sales you refer?

When you sign up by clicking here you will automatically become an affiliate realtor. This will entitle you to the highest commissions available in the ROG network. You will have your own unique ID and access to a growing source of media and promotional material designed to grow not just your resort home business but your traditional business as well. Sign up is 100% free and as an affiliate realtor you can visit any of our resort homes for 50% off our list rental prices.

ROG is dedicated to making our realtor affiliate program the very best in the world. We want  to help your clients get the best resort home for their needs and we want to provide you easy to use effective sales tools to help accomplish this objective. Click here to join our realtor affiliate program today!

3 . My core business is listing real estate, how does selling resort homes get me more listings?

ROG has a different take on how resort homes should be sold. We think many markets not in resort home areas would be good spots to list our resort homes.
In fact we make this guarantee. If your clients buy a resort home through ROG we will list a ROG home with you in your local market. Our marketing approach is very comprehensive and we work very hard to help our realtors sell their listings.
Think of it this way. If your clients bought a resort home through ROG most likely other realtors in your community have clients with the same needs. For many realtors selling one ROG home will mean effectively a chance to double your commissions though our guaranteed listings program.

4 . Your clients can’t justify the expense of a full resort home.

This is a common complaint. Resort Homes have spiraled in value in the last ten years and with the Baby Boomers all entering their retirement years appreciation is expected to continue and indeed expand. For many potential resort home buyers this has led them to look at timeshare. As evidenced by the graph below this sector has enjoyed tremendous growth, capturing the many millions of North Americans who want to own in some way their resort home.

Traditionally realtors have not been strong proponents of selling Timeshare. This is because realtors sell real estate where as Timeshare is not intended to be an investment opportunity, rather an alternative to traditional vacation accommodations and seen as hedging on “vacation inflation”.

An average Timeshare week in 2006 cost $16,278 according to an Ernst Young study on the sector. The real estate underlying the average timeshare is of course not worth 52 times the $16,278 figure and in most cases is worth somewhere between ¼ and ½ this amount…meaning a mark up of 200-400%. Hence it being sold not as an investment.

The ROG approach blends the benefits of “Vacation Hedging” but does so with significantly lower mark ups. As an example an owner could acquire a 1/8th interest in our beautiful PGA Village condo’s in Pt. St. Lucie Florida for as little as $40,000 or $8000  per use week. The real estate underlying this investment would if acquired on the open market in May of 2007, cost you approximately $250,000 on the same all fees in basis.

A further consideration to the affordability factor is that because the ROG approach to fractional ownership is so connected to underlying real estate value all of our homes can have traditional mortgage financing. This means that it is possible to finance the $40,000 cost by taking over a $20,000 - $25,000 mortgage.

Often users can purchase 5 weeks for as little cash down as $15,000. An amount that is affordable either through direct equity payment or by drawing on a personal line of credit.

Just as realtors rightfully advocate young people to get into their local real estate market as soon as possible we believe by adopting the ROG approach many of your clients can take advantage of this ideal way to enter the resort home marketplace.

5 . You are not knowledgeable about resort homes and can’t speak professionally on the subject.

The management of ROG has had many years experience in the real estate world. We understand completely that your credibility is your number one asset and we would never want you to risk this credibility with your clients. We have adopted a very educational tone to our site. We believe it will help you understand this dynamic marketplace and it will help your clients.

Take a tour of the site, watch our introduction to The Future of Resort Home Ownership we believe you will find this is an approach to resort home ownership you can understand and recommend to your clients. Our recommendation, join our Affiliate Realtor program and try recommending the site to a few of your closest friends and clients. Ask them their impression. We are confident once you start you will quickly realize this can be a very valuable selling tool for you and your business.

6 . Selling resort homes is not your core business and you don’t know a  professional way to introduce the concept of resort homes to your clients.

We understand a Realtor's time and client relationships are their most precious assets. This is why in our Affiliate Center we have developed several interesting marketing tools that will help you professionally introduce the ROG approach to Resort Home ownership. We have developed several email and flyer campaigns you could use with your clients to quickly communicate this opportunity in a professional way. Of course you are the expert. We look forward to working with you to continuously develop new support material you could find beneficial.

7 . Your clients are busy and while they can afford a resort home and probably should buy, they just don’t have the time.

It’s a very busy life. There never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish all that we should. Many of your clients will certainly relate to this story. In January 1994 I was in Whistler skiing with my brother in law. We stayed in the beautiful new Pan Pacific Hotel in a lovely two bedroom condo on the top floor. It was for sale for roughly $400,000. We decided to buy it. We came home from our holiday. I to Toronto and my brother in law to Singapore. Affordability wasn’t a problem. But we needed to make sure this was a good price…talk to a local realtor, talk to a local bank, furnish the we had to do this from Toronto and Singapore and were back in our busy life….what happened...Nothing... We didn’t buy. Today that condo is worth over $2,000,000.

Is this the only story like that. We don’t think so…many friends have told us of similar experiences. In the coming years will your clients not get involved in the resort home marketplace because they're too busy. Don’t let that happen. Introduce them to the ROG approach and we will eliminate 90% of the time and hassle of resort home ownership while giving your clients 100% of the real estate upside.

8 . Your clients like to move around on their vacations and don’t want to be tied down to one home location

Variety is a very common requirement in the vacation and resort home planning list. There is a world of exciting resort home locations and experiences to be enjoyed and it seems inefficient to be stuck with all your eggs tied up in one basket. In this respect the ROG approach is most effective. With every ROG home we have enrolled it in one of the top exchange programs. Either R2R from Intrawest or RCI or RCI. Through these exchange programs we can link you to a world of vacation destinations simply by exchanging weeks of time. In addition to the exchange programs we externally offer as part of the ROG home we also offer an exciting internal program. At every ROG resort we have a significant number of weeks available for exchange from our own account. Your clients need simply to contact us with their request and if we have the inventory the exchange can be accomplished on the spot.

At ROG our owners get the benefit of the ability to enjoy a wide variety of vacation experiences with the knowledge that they are building equity in a very key favored resort home marketplace.

9 . I want to grow my core business. How can I do that by getting involved in the sale of resort homes?

We have developed a number of unique selling tools that will not only help you sell more of our resort homes but get you more client face time where you can extend and grow your traditional business.

How would you like to be the ROG representative at a local charity golf tournament. One where ROG has donated a golf week at one of our terrific resort locations using the ROG golf tournament program;  in this circumstance you could act as our representative at the tournament. Get credit for any attendees that should go on to acquire a resort home from ROG and get the benefit of introducing yourself to high quality prospects in your local community.

This is just one example of some of the tools we have that will help you grow your core business while you introduce the ROG approach.

10 . My clients can afford a resort home but how can they justify the investment given they will use it only a few weeks a year?

This is an excellent observation. Research from the NAR suggests that the average second home user will spend only 39 nights in their property. Typically if one was to consider all the costs of ownership versus rental it would be a discouragement to those considering purchasing a resort home.

Here again we believe the ROG approach will significantly impact value for the resort home owner in a number of ways.

First we know that all owners will be able to get much more use out of thier home by using Resort Owners Group Stack Rack Roll and Exchange program.

Secondly through Resort Owners Group your clients can acquire a fraction of a home, 1/2, 1/4,1/8 at substantial savings yet use the same Stack Rack Roll and Exchange programs to get the even more use than if they owned their whole entire home.

The bottom line for you is as a realtor would be doing your clients a disservice by not helping them understand the resort home industry. Our goal is of course to sell them on a Resort Owner Group home …one that will earn you virtually the equivalent of a selling commission…but because we truly know that for most buying a resort home through our process is the logical and best choice we do not hard sell your clients. Our goal…show them the competition, show them our approach and encourage them to make the choice right for them.

We hope this approach makes sense for you and welcome you to join our affiliate team. Just click here and we will be pleased to help you connect with existing and new clients in your community.

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