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Resort Owners Group (ROG) has developed a unique resort home ownership model that makes luxurious resort homes, in sought after destinations, available in an affordable and hassle free manner.

Purchasers of ROG properties take full possession (100% ownership) of the real estate asset and have complete control over the property’s usage - owners can use the resort homes for themselves, rent them or have Resort Owners Group rent them on their behalf.

Resort Owners Group provides on-going management of the property so owners don’t have to concern themselves with security, maintenance or upkeep. Purchasing a resort home from ROG also comes with a number of benefits and privileges that wouldn’t otherwise be available with a traditional real estate purchase. Click here to view benefits.

A 2006 survey of resort home owners conducted by the National Association of Realtors described the attributes buyers desired in a vacation home; two-thirds want to be close to an ocean, river or lake; 39 percent close to recreational or sporting activities; 38 percent close to vacation or resort areas; and 31 percent close to mountains or other natural attractions.

Leisure activities of interest to vacation-home owners include beach, lake or water sports, boating, fishing, golf, biking, hiking or horseback riding, ski or winter recreation, and tennis.

All ROG real estate is located in resort areas that offer these attributes and leisure activities. Current and future Resort Owners Groups locations are:

Resort Destination
  Resort Type
PGA Village, Port St. Lucie Florida
Mont Tremblant, Quebec
Muskoka, Ontario
St. Augustine, Florida
Las Vegas
Kelowna, British.Columbia.
Kamloops, British Columbia
Canmore, Alberta

The Resort Owners Group Ownership Model

ROG secures new resort homes directly from high quality builders in desirable resort locations and makes them available to those interested in investing in a managed resort home.

Purchasers receive 100% title of a rentable golf villa, chalet, cottage, or beach home with 100% of the capital appreciation upside, professionally managed by ROG’S rental and asset management system.

Resort Owners Group provides all the support necessary during the purchase of the property – financing, legal, all necessary paperwork – and then fully manages the property on behalf of the owner.

All resort properties are fully furnished with luxurious and durable furniture and accessories.

Whole or Fractional Ownership

In order to make this opportunity available to a wider market, Resort Owners Group offers whole or fractional ownership with a variety of purchase options; an eighth, a quarter, a half, or whole ownership.

In a fractional arrangement, weeks are allocated by ROG’s usage calendar throughout the entire year so all owners have access during peak seasons.

Regardless of  whether an owner purchases a whole or fractional position, the asset is liquid in that ROG is in the business of securing and re-selling resort properties. Therefore, an owner has complete control over when a property is sold and the opportunity to realize the appreciated value, regardless of the ownership type .

 Benefits of Resort Owners Group Ownership Model

ROG’S unique ownership model provides purchasers with unique privileges and benefits. Being an “ROG member” entitles owners to the following:

A Fully Managed Resort Property with Full Administrative Support
ROG deals directly with property managers on behalf of owners and manages all issues such as maintenance, repairs, security and upkeep.

All usage and rental administration is handled by ROG, including resort home reservation for personal use, exchange management, rental bookings and collection and disbursement of rental income.

All bills, taxes and fees are remitted by ROG on behalf of the owner.

Resort Home Exchange

The National Association of Realtors study found that a typical resort home owner personally uses a property 39 nights a year.  One of the goals of the Resort Owners Group model is to allow owners to take maximum advantage of their vacation property by offering an extensive variety of usage and exchange options. 

ROG owners can exchange their allocated weeks for time within their ROG communities or for homes in other ROG managed communities. This would allow an owner, as an example, to secure multiple properties in an ROG community for an extended family gathering or for a golf tournament with friends or business colleagues. 

In addition, Resort Owners Group develops unique partnerships with resort management companies that offer property exchange programs. An example arrangement is with, a division of Intrawest. The following testimonial is from a Castle Pines/PGA Village ROG owner who has taken advantage of this extremely valuable benefit:

My wife and I decided to go to Europe last year. I looked at the Intrawest resorts and found one called Les Arcs in the French Alps. It was very easy - one phone call and Sandra at ROG made the arrangements and we were off to Europe.

Our only cost was a $25 per day cleanup/ maintenance cost. The resort was outstanding, 1800 meters up in the Alps in the summertime. The road from Bourge Ste, Maurice was a pretty drive - our room was outstanding as well. Most of the chair lifts were open and the restaurant at the top of the mountain served outstanding coffee - well deserved after "way too much hiking". Les Arcs is a mountain or two away from the slopes that were used in the Albertville Olympics. At the resort at 1600 meters there was a David Leadbettor golf academy and a very picturesque golf course.

Intrawest was very easy to deal with and opens up the doors to some outstanding places. We will definitely do this again - to have it included in our purchase at Castle Pines is a real bonus. I spoke with people that had purchased or were buying a week at Les Arcs for $50,000 - $75,000 euros -  it makes our Castle Pines purchase well worth it.

Resort Owners Group Rental Services

Resort Owners Group actively markets ROG resort properties for rental (if an owner so chooses) to generate rental income.

The National Association of Realtors survey indicated the median number of rental nights for those homeowners who choose to rent their vacation properties is 12.  ROG’s goal is to significantly increase rental utilization through a number of marketing initiatives and by forming alliances with companies who actively promote resort rental accommodations.

ROG is committed to developing channels and an infrastructure to optimize occupancy rates, and to give owners on-line visibility regarding when and how their properties are being used.

Obligations to Resort Owners Group

In return for managing every aspect of the purchase, management and future resale, ROG receives 10 “retained weeks” and 2 "maintenance weeks" of annual use of each property.

ROG also charges owners a nominal annual management fee to completely manage all aspects of the home’s maintenance, bill and tax payments, rental arrangements and rental income disbursement.

Resort Owners Group charges owners a percentage of rental income if the rental is secured through ROG. Owners do not pay this fee if the rental is secured by the owner.

Recent Developments and Future Plans

Resort Owners Group has recently secured funding to expand its model and infrastructure to better support existing and future owners. Some of these funds are being used to build on-line tools so owners can view rental status and book and exchange properties.Resort Owners Group is also developing third parties alliances and marketing initiatives to increase rental of ROG managed properties. These activities will increase annual rental income for ROG resort home owners, thereby increasing the return on the property.Resort Owners Group is also actively re-selling existing and new resort properties. Current owners interested in selling their resort property, whether a whole or fractional unit, can contact Resort Owners Group for more details. 

To find out more about the exclusive benefits of ROG’s resort home ownership, please contact us at (416) 534-1916, or fill out the form below.

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