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ROG keeps on top of industry trends. Click on any of the links below to read more about recent resort home news stories.
Warm vacation properties wanted – Globe And Mail, October 2009
Cash-rich Canadians are buying up properties in the U.S. as prices plummet
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A slice of cottage country – Globe Real Estate, September 2009
Some people don’t need, or want, full ownership
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Second chances – Wall Street Journal, June 2009
How to squeeze more money out of vacation homes
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A house divided – New York Times, April 2009
With the economy in turmoil and the real estate boom a distant memory, some people are now looking to sell part of their vacation homes
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When you give up control, you win – National Post, March 2009
Jeff Jarvis is a journalism professor at the City University of New York and the author of What Would Google Do? The Post's Ron Nurwisah asks Mr. Jarvis how other businesses can think more like Google
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Developers reconsider partial ownership model – New York Times, March 2009
There has been a flurry of fractional activity in recent months as the global real estate downturn has forced developers to look for new ways to sell vacation homes
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Vacation home still works for some – CNW Group, March 2009
"If you have the resources and are confident about your economic future, you’re not going to find a better market than we’ve got today in terms of affordability and raw buying power"
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US recession shows signs of easing – National Post, March 2009
Consumer and Housing Data Encouraging. Call off Depression 2.0.
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Are fractional replacing second homes? – Second Homes 411, March 2009
In this current economy... for those unwilling to give up their vacations and uneasy about holding onto cash, fractional ownership may be an inexpensive option
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Piles of cash on the sidelines – Globe And Mail, March 2009
Bullish sign or a load of bull?
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Really want to build green? Consider fractional – Second Homes 411, February 2009
Aspen is sprawling; you have the city, the Highlands, Snowmass and the burbs. Every inch of the valley is planned for development. It is lovely, and today it has great snow.
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Living in luxury - some of the time – Toronto Star, February 2009
Fractional ownership finds a market with investors as vacation preferences
change during downturn
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Fractional property to ‘outsell freehold within five years’ – Overseas property professional, January 2009
Fractional property will take over from freehold sales in Europe within five years, according to industry specialists
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The joys of cottage life, at a fraction of the cost – Globe Real Estate, August 2008
Interval ownership means a lakefront getaway has multiple owners who not only use it themselves but can also rent it out
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Maybe you can afford to buy a cottage – Sympatico MSN Finance, May 2008
Fractional ownership allows those priced out of the red hot cottage market a chance to own a piece of the dream
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Shared Ownership industry holds strong in volatile real estate market – DCP International, April 2008
Annual Ragatz Conference Instills Optimism
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US foreclosure ‘crisis’ is overblown – Sympatico MSN Finance, March 2008
Sure, there are pockets of pain around the US, but its not as if most Americas are losing their homes. More than 99% of homes aren’t in foreclosure.
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Tax changes helped second home sales – Second Homes 411, February 2008
A quick look at the tax rules for second homes
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Winter recreational property prices remain red hot during Canada’s coldest months – Canada Newswire, January 2008
Canadians are committed to their winter retreats despite rising prices
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Timeshare market stays in doldrums – National Post, January 2008
A timeshare is merely a pre-paid vacation, not an investment.
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Slick Chalets Replace Weekend Snow Forts – Globe and Mail, January 2008
Unlike the projected cool-down in price growth for primary residences in Canada this year, winter vacation property prices are expected to keep heading north.
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Fractional Ownership adds up to affordable luxury – Financial Post, January 2008
If you’re still employed, it’s likely your second home will remain empty for a large chunk of the year. Hence the rise of private residence clubs, fractional interest and destination clubs.
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The UK’s top 20 destinations for buying abroad – A Place in the Sun, January 2008
The US leaped six places into fourth position as UK investors take advantage of a buyer’s market and Canada was up seven places to number nine.
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Boomers turn attention to vacation properties – National Post, December 2007
Luxury recreational property sales are set to soar as affluent baby boomers drive demand for upscale product from coast to coast
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Fractional vs. Whole Ownership – The Star, September 2007
Why a piece of the pie can be better than the whole darn thing
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Sunbelt versus Rustbelt in US Tug of War – The Globe and Mail, July 2007
The diverging growth in the US is split along north and south lines, identified as “Sunbelt vs. Rustbelt, reflecting a growing “tug of war” between a rebounding manufacturing sector and a slumping housing sector.
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If one vacation home won’t do, how about a bunch – New York Times, July 2007
Destination clubs are a recent innovation in the shared-ownership industry, which began in the 1970s with time shares. Today’s options also include fractional real estate and private residence clubs.
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Baby boomers love their vacation getaways – National Post, June 2007
One out of every four Canadians would like to buy vacation property and one in seven already have a place for a weekend retreat or retirement property.
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Price of paradise walloping wallets – Globe and Mail, June 2006
The dream of owning a scrap of paradise perched on a lake might be slipping away from more Canadians, as soaring demand and scant supply boost waterfront cottage prices at a faster pace than the overall housing market.
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Fractionals: a back road into cottage country – Globe and Mail, May 2007
Many people in need of a cottage respite don’t need it every weekend. For them, there are a growing number of fractional ownership holiday options popping up in cottage country.
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Fractional Ownership puts summer respite within reach – Globe and Mail, April 2007
Developers have been promoting a solution to the opportunity-cost quandary: fractional ownership
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