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Analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data shows there are 6.8 million vacation homes in the United States

(National Association of Realtors)

The resort home industry is one of the fastest growing real estate sectors. Driven largely by the demands of the massive baby boom demographic, it is currently in the early stages of a 20-year cyclical growth period brought on by the aging boomer generation – and their growing desire for “lifestyle” pursuits.

The resort home industry includes second homes and vacation homes (condominiums, townhomes or detached homes) that feature beach front or lake front locations, or offer options such as golf courses or skiing. Available ownership options fall into five main categories:

Whole ownership

  • You own the resort home outright with no limitations on resale or usage.
  • Most common ownership type, representing an estimated $100 billion share of the North American market.
  • Developers receive 100% of their profit at the time of sale and are rarely involved with providing long-term services to owners.

Fractional ownership

  • Title to the property is shared between more than one individual or entity.
  • Usage is generally based on a predetermined schedule to create a fair share of time. As a result, fractional owners rarely have the option to trade weeks.
  • Fractional owners generally pay a premium of up to 100% on the value of the core real estate.
  • Fractional ownership has been around for years but has only recently become popular. Estimated market segment is in the $2-3 billion range.


  • Timeshare owners get a set period of usage time for the real estate, but no title to the property.
  • Owners can’t resell their unit for profit or return of equity.
  • Developers receive the majority of their profit from the initial sale, with mark-ups up to 400% to cover high marketing and sales expenses.
  • Owners may or may not be able to trade their weeks for alternate weeks elsewhere in the network.
  • This is a mature market segment with an estimated $6-7 billion in yearly sales in North America.

Membership clubs

  • Membership clubs are similar to timeshare, but often work on a system where the owner redeems a yearly allotment of points towards use of vacation properties.
  • Rather than having a property in a set location or for a specific week, the owner books the time and location each year based on their points.
  • Program details vary between providers, the largest, Exclusive Resorts, and most of the sector does not offer equity participation. Owners can either sell or redeem their investment usually for about 80% of their original investment. Some hybrid equity clubs are now forming but it would be fair to say that liquidity in these investments is minimal.

Resort Owners Group Model – blending the best of all the options

  • The newest and most flexible option in the industry is the Resort Owners Group (ROG) Model.
  • It blends the best of whole ownership, timeshare, clubs and fractional options, giving owners the most affordable, flexible and liquid resort home ownership option available today.

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