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Why ROG?
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The ROG Model



At no additional cost or risk to you open up an entire new channel to sell your homes.
Drive sales with an ownership model that enables us to acquire multiple units in your development for eventual resale to our whole and fractional clients.

Resort Owners Group offers your buyers a unique approach to ownership that makes it easier and more flexible to afford a managed luxury property. The key is our simple but effective system of “retained weeks.”

Basically, owners have access to their properties for 40 weeks a year (fractional owners have access to ½, ¼ or 1/8 of those 40 weeks, depending on their share). ROG retains the remaining 12 weeks, which we use for exchanges, rentals and maintenance. In exchange for those retained weeks, owners get a fully managed property, a sound investment, and access to a large network of luxury resorts.
It’s a simple approach that sells.

You build. We sell and manage.

You focus on building your luxury resort property. We take care of sales and management. That’s it. There are no fees for our service; in exchange, you provide a 2-10% discount on units and allow the real estate to be tied up at a fixed price for a fixed time.

You’ll sell more properties, faster – and you’ll never have to deal with management or resale hassles. We do that.

The Benefits

More sales

  • Offering managed whole and fractional ownership gives buyers a wider range of affordable ownership options – without the downsides and baggage of timeshares.
  • Access to multiple resort locations with flexible exchange privileges is a huge selling feature for buyers looking for flexibility.
  • Our rental engine adds even more value by making it easy for owners to make money on the weeks they don’t use.
Higher profit margins
  • By having us manage everything from sales to management, you avoid hassles, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and employee time.
  • Full access to ROG’s bulk buying of insurance, furniture and other membership benefits means significant savings.

Increased exposure

  • Get the word out with access to ROG’s multiple sales channels and alliances.

Wanted: luxury properties worldwide

The properties we’re interested in are high-quality, luxury condominiums, townhomes, golf villas, ski chalets, lakeside cottages and beach homes with extensive resort infrastructure onsite or nearby. We’re looking for 2, 3 or 4 bedroom units with 2-3 baths, with luxury custom features and furnishings.

Find out more

Boost sales and owner satisfaction by offering ROG’s unique ownership model. For more information about joining our network of properties, contact Terry Lynch at (416) 534-1916 or email

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